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What are SARMs?

Sarms – Selective modulators of androgen receptors, which were designed to replace a variety of anabolic steroids with their rich bouquet of various side effects for the body. These drugs can safely be called a new solution for those who do not want to resort to “strong chemistry”, and wants to simply increase quality meat and become more powerful without any side effects. The main advantage is that during their development all the achievements and advantages of predecessors were used. But there is more. Earlier we have said that modern medicine makes a strong emphasis on safety. And this vector completely passed through SARMs, because at the creation of these drugs researchers focused on reducing the adverse effects of the main male hormone-testosterone on the prostate.

How do SARMs work?

The principle of their functioning is very simple – SARMs join the receptors of male sex hormones and interact with them directly. In fact, the positive effects of these additives on the growth of muscle mass and strength indicators became known at all recently. However, the fame of efficiency and, most importantly, the safety of these pharmacological means with the speed of sound flew through the bodybuilder series, which served as a stimulus to the active use of SARMs in the big sport.

Note that nowadays many pharmaceutical companies already have on hand some types of these drugs that have successfully overcome a number of different clinical studies in humans. What exactly-we will consider next.

The word MSAR (SARM) stands for “Selective androgen receptor modulator”, like other selective receptor modulators, SARMs can either block or stimulate, hormone receptors in the nucleus of the cell depending on Focus of their actions. Consequently, they can block or stimulate receptors in the body tissues selectively, simulating a beneficial effect in one tissue, and at the same time minimizing the unwanted effects of synthetic steroid hormones in other tissues. SARMs belong to the class of androgens (a specific class of hormones, which are produced by sexual glands, one of these hormones-is known to all testosterone). SARMs can be attached to the androgen receptors in the cell, resulting in a complex process of activating certain genes responsible for muscle hypertrophy, regeneration of bone and connective tissues.

In fact, anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and prohormones are also associated with androgen receptors, resulting in muscle growth. However, SARMs show their anabolic activity only in muscle and bone tissue, and have minimal impact on other tissues and in the body, such as on prostate, as opposed to AAs, which can be very harmful to this gland. As an added benefit, SARMs is used orally rather than injected, unlike most of the AAS.

Despite the fact that SARMs are produced in oral form, they are not toxic to the liver.

Due to the fact that SARMs are very selective on action on androgen receptors only in certain tissues of the body, they can be very useful for building excellent muscle mass without side effects. Also SARMs are not converted into estrogens, unlike AAs, which, of course, is their distinctive feature and a huge advantage.

Steroids are usually prescribed by doctors in two cases. The first is to treat muscular atrophy caused by serious diseases such as cancer or osteoporosis. The second case is the appointment of steroids as hormone therapy (HRT). However, the main problem of steroids is that they almost always cause a lot of side, undesirable effects.

Scientists decided to develop drugs that would have all the advantages of AAS, but at the same time the disadvantages of AAS would be reduced to almost zero. Thus the light appeared sarmy (Sarms), which are attached to the receptors selective, selectively stimulate only the growth of muscles, thereby avoiding unwanted side effects.